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Category: ‘SHARE’ 231 – Education on Helping the Poor Starts from a Young Age

Education on Helping the Poor Starts from a Young Age: Interview with the Rev. Eugene Leung of E.F.C.C. Jachin Church

Written by: Edward Lai How many clothes do you have in your wardrobe? You probably don’t remember the exact number, and you’d probably say: “I don’t know.” The truth is possibly that there are numerous items. Like many people in Hong Kong, The Rev. Eugene Leung owns more clothes than he needs. When a staff from CEDAR raised the question at a church gathering, The Reverend, who was present, realised that he owned the most clothes. That said, isn’t it normal to own more than what you need? The Rev. Eugene Leung Eugene Leung said, “I’d never thought about whether I needed that many clothes. The way the fashion industry works these days is that when I’m replacing

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Whose Neighbours Do I Want to Become?

Written by: The Reverend Anders Chan Ming-chuen (Board Member of CEDAR, Associate Senior Pastor of Mongkok Baptist Church) The parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37 is a well-known passage of scripture. An expert in the law asked Jesus to provide an objective definition for the word “neighbour”, but his real intention was to justify his xenophobic point of view – there were people whom he did not have the obligation to love (to him, “neighbour” probably only referred to other Jews). This reflected the sense of national superiority of the expert in the law and his moral values. Even though the Jews did not have their own country at the time, they still prided themselves in

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Let the Community Be Responsible for Their Children’s Education

Education is a very important part of eradicating poverty. Yet, many children living in low-income countries do not have the opportunity to receive proper education. Their parents are usually occupied by work to earn a living to put food on the table, thus they seldom think about the future of their children, who they thought would likely share similar fate like them. Because in their eyes, earning income to support their families is more important than getting an educational access for their children. We understand that if parents do not see the importance of education, they will not send their children to schools. Therefore, CEDAR has worked with World Concern Bangladesh and churches in the country to start

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A Story of the $100-Red-Packet

Written by: Edward Lai “This year, will you be willing to donate your red packet money to the underprivileged people in other countries? “ “Yes, of course!” Fung Tin-lam answered confidently. Ting-lam, a third-grader, is like any Hong Kong boy we know. His daily routine includes school, homework, and playing his favorite toys before dinner. His life and his world, never overlap with those who live in developing countries away from Hong Kong. Even though Tin-lam has never met them, he has determined to save up part of his red packet money to share with them. 100 dollars may not be much to a lot of people; but to Tin-lam, it is a significant amount for a new toy

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