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CEDAR has consistently collaborated with various churches and schools to organise faith-based poverty education activities. Through diverse forms of learning and experiences, we aim to assist believers and students in understanding various poverty-related issues, broadening their perspectives. They also gain insight into our testimony of practising Integral Mission through rescue and development efforts.

Every year, when planning the weekly worship services for the upcoming year, churches often incorporate various themed services, such as Music Service and Evangelism Service. These themed services provide opportunities for believers to gain a deeper understanding of and respond to God’s will.

In order to align with the church’s mission of promoting Integral Mission and caring for the poor, we encourage churches to organise ‘End-Poverty-Service.’ In the service, CEDAR staff would deliver sermons about God’s love for the impoverished and share information about poverty situations worldwide, thereby broadening the congregation’s perspective.

There will be no fee for this event. However, we encourage churches to support our ministry by 1. making a donation on behalf of the church; 2 collecting offerings on the day of the event from the congregations; or 3. distributing CEDAR’s offering envelopes and encouraging attendees to give, thereby directly supporting impoverished neighbours and improving their lives. This action is an embodiment of putting the teachings of the Bible into practice.

Organising ‘End-Poverty-Service’ Form (Chinese only)

CEDAR places a strong emphasis on its Biblical foundation. We aspire to utilise worship sermons and bible studies to help both church members and school faculty and students comprehend the teachings of the Bible concerning poverty and Integral Mission. This understanding would subsequently lead to contemplation and action.

The topics for sharing encompass Integral Mission, caring for neighbours, assisting the vulnerable, justice, and compassion.

Reference fee: Freewill offering

Invite CEDAR’s sharing form (Chinese only)

In our focused talks, CEDAR’s staff members present on various poverty-related issues, sharing insights into the conditions of developing countries and how our poverty alleviation efforts have contributed to improving the circumstances of impoverished communities. This allows participants to gain a deeper understanding of poverty-related topics and realities.

Topics for sharing encompass Integral Mission, human trafficking, peace and reconciliation, climate justice, refugee issues, wealth disparity, and more.

Reference fee: HKD $800 per hour

Invite CEDAR’s sharing form (Chinese only)

Tailored to the needs of churches or schools, we offer a series of specialised courses or Sunday school sessions for believers or students. In a systematic manner, we engage with participants to explore the current needs and circumstances of the world, learning to embody the identity and mission of a Christian. This enables an ongoing commitment to caring for marginalised communities and addressing poverty-related concerns.

Reference fee: HKD $800 per hour

Invite CEDAR’s sharing form (Chinese only)

Through simulation activities, combined with post-activity explanations, church members or school faculty and students have the opportunity to personally experience impoverished conditions. This enhances participants’ understanding and empathy towards impoverished neighbours.

Reference fee: HKD $1,100 per hour

barefoot walk

Participants engage in a barefoot walk aligned with various thematic contexts (such as human trafficking) to simulate the experiences of impoverished individuals.

The activity takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. This experience often evokes feelings of shame and introspection, prompting participants to realise that their own lives are far more privileged than they might have thought.

It serves as a reminder to cherish what they have, as there are others who are less fortunate.

Barefoot Walk Participants (Middle School Students)

Invite CEDAR’s sharing form (Chinese only)

Poverty experiencing activity

Through simulated scenarios and group exercises, participants are immersed in the world of poverty.

Duration: Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours

Invite CEDAR’s sharing form (Chinese only)

Choices of the Impoverished (Farmer Experience)

Participants step into the shoes of impoverished farmers, making decisions in various situations to understand the struggles of their daily lives.

Duration: Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

I now know what I need to do in the future – to help those in need.

Participants in Choices of the Impoverished (Middle School Students)

Invite CEDAR’s sharing form (Chinese only)

Picture Book Education Sharing Activity

Participants engage with the protagonist’s life story in the book ‘小希的月亮’(Chinese only) along with relevant games and crafts. Through this, they come to understand the heart of the Heavenly Father, gain a global perspective, and comprehend the lives of children in war-torn areas.

Duration: Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

I had read this book earlier, but having a colleague share it made it different. The storytelling was incredibly vivid!

Children’s Sunday School Instructor

Invite CEDAR’s sharing form (Chinese only)

Facilitated Card Game

Through adapting real-life events into the game ‘Cheat & Trap’(Chinese only) combined with informational sharing, participants are led to understand and empathise with the unfortunate experiences of those who have fallen victim to human trafficking. This activity prompts reflection on how to respond to the global issue of human trafficking.

Duration: Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

Invite CEDAR’s sharing form (Chinese only)

If you are interested in invite sharing, or discussing the detailed arrangements of various sharing, you are welcome to call 2381 9627 or send an email to to contact with CEDAR’s co-workers.

[1] Please send the invitation at least one month before the meeting, for better arrangement.

[2] Free devote is encouraged. If you are using cheque, please mark it payable to “CEDAR Fund”.