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Category: ‘SHARE’ 232 – ‘Hill Tribes’ Blood is in My Veins.’

‘Hill Tribes’ Blood is in My Veins.’ – An Advocate Walking Alongside Marginalised Hill Tribes

Written by: Lai Ka Chun In mid-2018, a junior football team and their assistant coach were rescued after 18 days in Tham Luang Nang Non cave in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand. Their 25-year-old coach’s care in the cave was indispensable. This incident made the coach a hero in Thais’ hearts. However, this coach was originally stateless, as well as the other 3 boys, who had no Thai citizenships. According to UNHCR, there are about 480,000 stateless people in Thailand, and most of them were living in remote mountainous area near the border. As they belonged to no country, they could not enjoy the rights of education, healthcare, employment, and social security as other citizens. Even though they lived

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Resurrection and Integral Mission

Written by: Au Bing Chung (Lecturer at the Christian Ministry Institute) Resurrection is an eschatological idea, and Integral Mission addresses the responsibility and stewardship of Christians living on earth. Although there seems to be no apparent connection between the two, the eschatological view of Christians will affect how they interpret their missions. For instance, if a person believes that the world will be in ultimate destruction at the end days, he will put less effort in constructing a world that will be wiped out eventually. On the other hand, if the believers anticipate a forthcoming new world that is connected to and evolved from the present world, they will somehow attend to the world’s development and conservation. Paul

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We are awake: STOP Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

We put on armors to fight to eliminate harmful traditional practicesSubvert the harmful influences and effectsWe are united and determined to take actionsBecause we are now well awaken to the scourge. Ignorant people in the pastHave been badly harmed by themBecause they did not know any better.Ignorant people in the past believedHarmful traditional practices were good for themWhen indeed their lives were at stake. Female Genital Mutilation is a major harmful practice.Sugar-coated as prestigious and noble,FGM suffocated our mothersWe regret and repent for the harm incurred.FGM steals away sexual pleasures, corrupts marriagesAnd adds complications to child birth. (Lyrics edited by CEDAR Fund, originally written by a memberfrom the ant-FGM group in Ethiopia.) Under the warmth of the bright

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When Poverty Becomes a Sin

Banner image: The author (far right) and other trippers visited ethnic minorities in northern Thailand Written by: Janice Cheng (participant of CEDAR’s exposure trip in 2018; church pastor) In December last year, I went to the Thai-Myanmar border with CEDAR to learn about their poverty alleviation projects in the area. The 8-day trip enabled me to understand more about the region. We visited some villages with CEDAR’s local partners and spoke to various individuals during our time there. The residents are mostly ethnic minority groups from the mountainous areas, and they all have their own predicaments to overcome. There are abandoned single mothers and minority groups who have been relocated to the border area in northern Thailand due

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