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Category: ‘Share 246’ – Transformational Mindset for the Change and Growth in the Community

‘SHARE’ 246 – Transformational Mindset for the Change and Growth in the Community

Written by: Ness Ma (Communications Officer) Two cows are eating grass in the cowshed. Mixed feelings arise when Pastor Francois sees such a scene; nevertheless, a few years ago, owning two cows was impossible for him and his family, no matter how hard they tried. To him, this is a miracle of God. Looking back upon his life, Pastor Francois finds himself a 48 years old man coming from a poor farming village. With six children and a wife to raise, his meagre income could barely support his family expenditure. When the family’s financial stress had been tremendous already, there would not be any extra savings for livestock that help sustainable agriculture. In Karongi District, located in western

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Hope of Being Generous

Sharing: Belinda Editor: Ness Ma (Communications Officer) Parents always hope that children can be generous and know how to share with others, but how? If you have this question, you can look for how Belinda and her husband do so. In March this year, Belinda and her husband planned to hold a ‘100-day party’ for their daughter Hailey, but the pandemic was severe that they had to cancel their plan. At the same time, Ukraine was invaded by Russia; she noticed the situation of the refugees on the news every day. She also has a Ukrainian friend who had worked in Hong Kong before and is now retired in Ukraine. Therefore, when the war broke out there, Belinda

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Creative Mindset in the Combat Against Poverty

Interviewee: Professor Chau Ying Editor: Ness Ma (Communications Officer) SIGHT (Student Innovation for Global Health Technology) is a platform in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) where students try to conceive of and implement solutions for a variety of medical issues in resource-deprived areas. Professor CHAU Ying is the project director who also teaches in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering of the HKUST. She could have stayed in school to teach and do research like the others, but she would rather take her students to the field, into the slums and mountains of poor countries, and serve the locals with science, skills, and creativity. Why did she take this path? Photo from SIGHT

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The Poor and The Church

Written by: Dr Mok Chan Wing Yan   Scripture: Matthew 25:31-46  This is a familiar story about the Last Judgment. The criteria Lord Jesus based on to separate the righteous from the wicked are whether they cared for the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, the strangers and the imprisoned. Those who serve the disadvantaged are deemed righteous; those who sit back and ignore the poor are condemned as the wicked. This story is an important lesson for churches today.  CEDAR partners and community members pray together. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we should never stand idly by when surrounded by the poor and the oppressed. We must try to alleviate the suffering around us. The poor can be kept

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