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Category: ‘Share 246’

‘SHARE’ 246 – Transformational Mindset for the Change and Growth in the Community

Editor’s Note ‘How could church bless the underprivileged groups in the community?’ This is a question that elders and deacons in the church must have in mind, and so does every Christian. Living in an ever-changing generation, we need to show even more creativity to respond to the needs of beneficiaries. In the section ‘Focus’, CEDAR introduces our partner in Rwanda. We will learn how they mobilise local churches to serve and hence, empower churches to become the driving force for community development. In ‘Back to the Bible’, Dr Mok Chan Wing Yan reminds us by the Book of Matthew – why churches need to help the poor. For ‘Blessings by Offering’ and ‘Taking Action’, there are two

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