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Category: ‘SHARE’ 248 – Learning Brings Hope amid the Gunfire

‘SHARE’ 248 – Learning Brings Hope amid the Gunfire

Written by Ness Ma (Communications Officer) In Hong Kong, it is common to see students carrying school bags and playing with their classmates on the streets before and after class. It seems ordinary, but it is not a must that students can go to school safely without worrying about sudden attacks. In other parts of the world, children may be unable to go to school safely. Since the coup d’état in Myanmar began in February 2021, the country has been engulfed in ongoing conflicts. In January 2023, the UN reported that after two years of coup d’état, over 34,000 civilian buildings, including homes, clinics, schools, and places of worship, have been destroyed in Myanmar. The country has 1.2

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Viewing the Issue of Poverty through the Book of Nehemiah

Written by Ben Cheung They said to me, ‘Those who survived the exile and are back in the province are in great trouble and disgrace. The wall of Jerusalem is broken down, and its gates have been burned with fire.’ Nehemiah 1:3 From the process of returning to Jerusalem and rebuilding the city walls in the book of Nehemiah, we see that poor people often face humiliation, oppression, and insecurity. Although Nehemiah was in a high position (cupbearer) in the Persian empire’s palace, he did not forget that his fellow countrymen were still suffering far away. Although the Israelites had already returned to Jerusalem more than a hundred years, and the temple had been rebuilt for many years,

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Remittance Affected by the Pandemic

Written by Clara Chiu (Head of Partnership Development) The COVID-19 pandemic rapidly spread worldwide in 2020, prompting various countries to implement measures such as school and work closures and different types of quarantine to control the outbreak. These actions had a significant impact on the global economy. Global remittances have decreased, which reflects the impact of the pandemic. When workers from a country go abroad to work and send back a portion of their earnings in the form of cash or goods to support their families back home, this transfer of money is referred to as worker or immigrant remittances. The pandemic has caused significant unemployment and salary reductions, particularly in the hospitality, tourism, and construction industries, resulting

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When a ‘Sense of Ritual’ is Placed in a Relationship with the World

Written by Tony Chan (Partnership Development Consultant) ‘Sense of Ritual’ has become a popular term in recent years. It refers to the act of performing small but meaningful activities in everyday life as if they were some special ceremonies. This creates a unique moment that stands out from the mundane. The term is frequently used in the context of relationships. Couples can benefit from cultivating a sense of ritual to keep their relationship fresh and healthy. Families can also benefit from this, as it fosters a sense of happiness and belonging among family members. Today, let’s apply the ‘Sense of Ritual’ to the relationship between humans and the Earth and reflect on and practice our beliefs. The relationship

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