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“Do Gospel” with 16 HK’s Churches, Food Assistance Ministry Benefited over 3,500 People

“We are ‘doing gospel’, not only ‘spreading gospel’. Through our witness indeed, more people can receive the bread of life from the Lord through food assistance,” said by the representative of the Church on The Rock Yan Shing Church “Our church has only around 100 people and many of them are grassroots people, therefore we do not receive many donations. CEDAR’s ‘Journey through Pandemic Crisis – Short-term Food Assistance’ Funding Scheme has encouraged our church. After the completion of the food assistance project, we have allocated the same amount of fund (HK$60,000) previously funded by CEDAR to carry out the second phase of the project. In doing so, we have reached out to some disadvantaged groups that we have

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“Journey through Pandemic Crisis – Short-Term Food Assistance” Funding Scheme Open for Application by Hong Kong Christian Churches

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every industry, and the underprivileged such as the low-income families are bearing the biggest brunt. Since the outbreak, some businesses have closed down while others are facing insolvency. Many manual labourers have lost their jobs and income streams and the poor are under a lot of financial pressure. In view of the situation in Hong Kong, CEDAR Fund allocated a total of HK$500,000 to set up the “Journey through Pandemic Crisis – Short-term Food Assistance” Fund (hereinafter referred to as “the fund”), for the purpose of encouraging local Christian churches to offer help to the needy who have difficulties in coping with their daily food expenditure in the short term. All eligible churches

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An Urgent Expectation & Appeal from Frontline Service Organisations to the Government

Below are the fronline service organisations’ demands to the HKSAR Government, as stated in press release on 18th February: Delivering masks to every student Cracking down on price-gouging vendors Creating short-term and part-time job opportunities Issued by: 1. The Industrial Evangelical Fellowship (工業福音圑契)2. The Society for Truth and Light (明光社)3. The Urban Peacemaker Evangelistic Fellowship (城市睦福團契)4. CEDAR Fund (施達基金會)5. China Alliance Press (宣道出版社)6. Hong Kong Church Renewal Movement (香港教會更新運動)7. Mission to New Arrivals (新福事工協會)8. Family Value Foundation of Hong Kong (維護家庭基金)   Full text of press release in Chinese: 【新聞稿】前線服務機構對政府的逼切期望及呼籲

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