Bangladesh is often affected by climate disasters such as flooding and typhoons. Besides, women in Bangladesh have low social status and easily face sexual violence. In poor areas, parents ‘marrying off’ their daughters as the brides of adult men, selling children as child labour, etc., is serious, depriving children of healthy growth environments and opportunities.

We support Disaster Risk Reduction work in disaster-prone areas near the Bay of Bengal in the south, mobilising local people to form disaster management committees and nurturing them to develop climate-resilient crops and alternative livelihoods. In response to the issues of child marriage, child labour and gender-based violence, we support local leaders to educate on and advocate for the rights of women and children, particularly those with disabilities, in the urban slums of Dhaka, the capital. We also provide counselling and vocational training to vulnerable women who are sexually exploited. Moreover, we equip local churches through education on Integral Mission and holistic development and empower them to respond to the needs of their local community with local resources. 

Bangladesh Development Projects