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Card Game ‘Cheat & Trap’ (CHINESE ONLY)

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Lin Lin, a girl from Myanmar, was born in a family full of love. However, at the age of eight, everything changed. One day after school, Lin Lin was pulled into a black van as it was driving past. She was kidnapped and sold as a ‘bride’ by human traffickers. Ever since then, she lived in torture, beaten and raped by her ‘husband’ every day…

Have you ever imagined yourself in different roles in human trafficking to experience how it works in reality? You might be the human trafficker, one of the victims, or the one who saved the day. What would happen to Lin Lin? Rescued? Recovered? Dead? The decision is in your hands.

CEDAR uses card game as the language to tell more stories of human trafficking and promote anti-human trafficking to the public. ‘Cheat & Trap’ is created based on the blueprint of the well-known games, Killer and Werewolves. The card game simulates scenarios of human trafficking in the real world, hoping to raise public awareness about the issue. Moreover, ‘Cheat & Trap’ aims to help Christians put God’s words into practice. By fighting human trafficking together, we could set the captives free with Jesus.

Game information
Community: 9-18 players, including 1 host and 8-17 players.

Agent Card x2
Spy Card x1
Teacher Card x1
Social worker Card x1
Murderer Card x2
Trafficker Card x2
Villager Card x8
Village Head Card x1
Expel Card x7
Trafficked Card x7
Trauma Card x7
Breakdown Card x7
Death Card x7
Prison Card x7

The guide is included in the box, with complete lists of game rules, instructions and functions of cards. Players may refer to it anytime.

Get a Free Set
If you are interested, please follow the steps below to apply for a free set:

1.Please click here to fill in the e-form
2.CEDAR Fund will contact you via WhatsApp for the pick-up arrangement:

SF Express (pay on arrival)
・Pick up at MTR Station
・Pick up at CEDAR Fund office
(Flat B10-B11, 5/F, Block B, Mai Hing Ind. Bldg., 16-18 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong |Office Hours: Mon-Fri 0900-1300, 1400-1800)

・Free of charge (Donations are welcome)
・Accept group applications only
・ One set for each application group only
・Limited sets. First come, first served.


‘Cheat & Trap’is a set of card game about human trafficking. CEDAR wishes to raise the public’s understanding of the issue. We are looking forward to meeting you at your schools and churches to experience the game together. More importantly, we hope to share the hardships trafficking victims are facing and how we can help.

・Players could try different roles in the game, such as traffickers, agents, survivors and villagers. The game is designed to help participants better understand real situations.
・Staff members from CEDAR will promote fighting against trafficking. Together with biblical sharing, we inspire participants to reflect on the value of life and brainstorm ways to help eliminate human trafficking.
・Duration of activity: around 1 to 1.5 hours

For sharing invitation or enquiry, please call 2381 9627 or email to contact CEDAR.

  1. Sharing invitations need to be made at least one month before the event for our convenience.
  2. Donations are welcome. By cheques, please make them payable to CEDAR Fund.