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Children Living in Disasters

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children living in disasters

Floods, droughts, heatwaves… as adults struggle with different natural disasters, we can imagine just how much children suffer physically, mentally and emotionally when faced with such catastrophes.

Children are not yet mature in their physical development as opposed to adults and suffer more serious impacts due to disasters. And when disasters affect their parents and adult caregivers, children’s care and protection are lost, jeopardising their emotional and mental health.

As family livelihood is destroyed by natural disasters, children will also be forced to have their education halted due to the loss of financial support. They may also become homeless or even orphaned.

CEDAR Fund promotes humanitarian aid and disaster risk reduction programmes in the Middle East, Asia and Africa by helping local families and children in need via emergency supplies, community rehabilitation support, and long-term disaster risk reduction measures.

Nature is irresistible, but we can still lend our helping hands to the children and families living in disasters.

Please support the ‘Red Packet Campaign’ to offer the red packets to children in need:

  • ‘Red Packet Campaign’: Both adults and children can participate.
    • Donate Red Packet Money: Participants may request ‘Lucky’ stickers from us and put them on the one or more red packets they receive during the festival to be donated to the poor as signs of blessings.
    • Share CEDAR’s Red Packets: Participants may request ‘CEDAR’s Red Packets’ from us and fill in the response form inside the packet to make a one-off or regular donation. Besides, participants can share our red packets with their friends and relatives to encourage them to participate in the donation.
  • Groups are welcome to sign up. Please get the ‘CEDAR’s Red Packet’ and the ‘Lucky’ stickers for everyone in your group.
  • Please invite us to your group to share with the participants the stories of children living in disasters in order to let more people know their needs.



CEDAR can provide short lectures to participating schools and churches to introduce the poverty situation in the beneficiaries’ countries, at the same time let children and teenagers know more about CEDAR’s work on poverty alleviation.


Contact: Mr Dustin Tang / Ms Clara Chiu
Phone: (852) 2381 9627
WhatsApp: (852) 6383 6861

In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ” 

Acts 20:35


donation method

(Please specify: Red Packet Campaign)

Autopay (for regular donations)

Click here to download the “Monthly Donation Form”

Online Donation

Click here to donate through Visa, Master, JCB or UnionPay


Please make it payable to CEDAR FUND

Direct Deposit

HSBC: 004-600-385678-001

BEA: 015-185-68-00931-7SSA

BOC: 012-581-2-020114-7

DBS: 016-478-001364162

Faster Payment System

FPS ID: 3354016 or scan the below code in the online banking


Click here or scan the below code (Please fill in your name and contact information in the message field)

After donation, please send a completed Donation Form, enclosing with cheque, bank-in slip or screenshot of successful payment along with your name, contact phone number and mailing address to us via mail, email or WhatsApp.

> Donation Form Download

Address: CEDAR Fund, G.P.O. Box 3212, Hong Kong
WhatsApp (for donation matters only): 5160 7549

  1. CEDAR is an approved charitable institution and trust of a public character under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. Please visit Inland Revenue Department website for details.
  2. CEDAR Fund will issue a receipt for a donation of HK$100 or above for tax deduction. For a donation of less than HK$100, please get in touch with us to issue a receipt.
  3. Please DO NOT fax any donation information.