CEDAR has been engaged in poverty alleviation and development in China for 30 years. From initially supporting partners’ work to directly executing projects, it has now become a collaborative team to promote the fulfilment of the overall mission of Chinese social welfare organisations and make the Chinese ministry more localised.

As most people experiencing poverty in the mainland are concentrated in remote areas with poor infrastructure, we promoted community health education, AIDS prevention and care for people with special needs in Yunnan. For example, we provided Holistic for children, including a good learning and playing space, infectious disease prevention, etc. We also carried out AIDS prevention education and testing to let more people with HIV/AIDS seek medical attention as soon as possible and carry out community care activities. We also promoted community health management work, partnered with the local hospitals to provide first aiders training, and provided health knowledge training in ethnic minority areas.

China Development Projects

No. of Projects: 3

Project Natures:

  • Children and Youth Development
  • Health