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Lebanon’s political and economic situation has been extremely turbulent in recent years; coupled with the far-reaching impact of the explosion at the largest port, every family has been affected. Lebanon is among the countries with the highest per capita density of refugees globally. About one in three to four people is a refugee, of which 1.5 million Syrian refugees are. Facing the sharp decline in living conditions and the need to get along with what they see as ‘different’, locals, refugees, and both of their next generations must make adjustments. 

We support producing and distributing high-quality educational programmes via our partner’s satellite television channels and live-streaming service. These programmes are mainly for refugee children, out-of-school children and youth in the Arab world. Furthermore, we support two learning centres to provide basic literacy and trauma-informed education to Syrian refugee children. To assist Syrian refugees, vulnerable Lebanese and migrant workers through the harsh winter, we also provide blankets, mattresses, jackets, emergency lights, tarps, carpets, and heating fuel vouchers to 21,000 individuals.

Lebanon Development Projects

Lebanon Emergency Relief