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As a multi-ethnic developing country, the conflict between the Myanmar military and armed groups in ethnic minority areas has never ceased since its independence. Since the 1990s, CEDAR has cooperated with Myanmar Christian partners to carry out nationwide rescue and development projects in many regions and empowered community residents to respond to humanitarian and development needs.

In the northern Kachin State, we provided multi-faceted support for people experiencing poverty displaced by the war. We provide informal education to the children and youth living in the slums or with low-income families.

We also promoted community development throughout the country, including setting up community centres in Yangon slums to serve poor local families and provide microloans. Under the pandemic and political instability threat, we further provided food aid, COVID-19 protection and emergency cash assistance. In addition, given the serious problem of human trafficking in Myanmar, we combated human trafficking in three aspects: saving victims, assisting the recovery of the victimised women’s bodies and minds and maturing their livelihood, and contacting potential victims through outreach work and drop-in centre to provide body check, medical and emergency assistance.

Myanmar Development Projects

Myanmar Emergency Relief