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‘小希的月亮’ Picture book


When will the moon be particularly round and bright?

Nor Too Hei lives with her family in a small village on the mountain of Myanmar. She loves to watch the moonlight in the sky at night.

One night, the militants came to Hei’s village and destroyed everywhere. They were forced to flee. That night, the moon did not show up.

After a period of time, mother sent the children to the Full Moon children home, hoping that their lives would be better. Guess what the moon looks like there?

‘小希的月亮’ picture book tells the growth experience of the Myanmar war girl Nor Too Hei. She and her sister were affected by the war and were displaced when they were young. Later, under the care of Grandpa Wu at the Full Moon children home, she experienced the wonderful supply from Heavenly Father and was able to go to school. Hei’s story allows children to look at the world, think about the importance of peace, and learn to trust Heavenly Father when facing difficulties.


Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 32 pages
Weight: 320 grams
Price per book: HK$100 (10% off for orders of 3 or more, 15% off for 5 or more)

way to order

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‘Full Moon children home’ is a place full of love and miracles. I also saw God’s great deeds and example here. I have known ‘Full Moon children home’ and Grandpa Wu’s family in the story for nearly ten years. Every time I visit them in Myanmar or meet them in Hong Kong, I am touched by their family’s service. Their love for children has accomplished many miracles. These miracles are not miracles that they seek for themselves under the influence of prosperity theology and consumerism, but miracles that are accomplished by giving, living a slave life, and walking with God. This picture book is using simple brushstrokes to see through the story of God’s accomplishment through the humble service of people in the land of Burma. My life has been ignited by them, and I recommend that you read it carefully.

Alex Hon-Ho Ip

(Assistant Professor, Divinity School of Chung Chi College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, first went to the Full Moon children home with CEDAR in 2007)

picture book education event

You can also invite CEDAR to your church or school to hold picture book education sharing activities, to let children understand the situation of the poor and lern to care others

  • Through the book ‘小希的月亮─戰火下的緬甸少女’, with games, handicrafts and other activities, children can learn about the Father’s heart through the protagonist’s life testimony and handcrafting, look into the world, and think about the importance of reconciliation.
  • The duration of the activity is around 1-1.5 hours

If you want to invite sharing, or discuss the details of the sharing arrangement, please call 2381 9627 or email to contact CEDAR co-worker

  1. Please send your invitation to us one month before the activity to let us make better arrangement
  2. Donations are welcome. If you use a cheque, please make it payable to CEDAR Fund