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Chief Executive Inauguration Ceremony ‘Seeing is Changing’

Dr. Chan Pui Si, our Chief Executive, is retiring from frontline duties on 30 November 2023. With God’s grace, Dr. Fung Wan Yi Winnie, our Acting Chief Executive, will assume the role of Chief Executive on 1 December 2023. Winnie will be leading the staff team in expanding ministries, developing talents, and collaborating with churches and supporters to live out the Lord’s mission in this fast-changing era.

We cordially invite you to the ‘Chief Executive Inauguration Ceremony’ to be held on 3 December 2023. The theme of the ceremony is ‘Seeing is Changing’. We hope our supporters can witness with CEDAR God’s grace and guidance as we seek His will in serving a rapidly changing world.

Date: 3 December 2023 (Sunday)

Time: 3 – 5 pm (Registration starts at 2:30 pm)

Venue: Diamond Hill Baptist Church (52 Fung Tak Road, Diamond Hill, Kowloon)

Deadline: 20 November (Monday)

Enquiry: Mr. Dustin Tang (Tel: 2381 9627/ 6383 6861)

Introducing our new Chief Executive Dr. Winnie Fung

Dr. Winnie Fung is currently Acting Chief Executive of CEDAR Fund, and her passion lies in poverty alleviation, holistic mission, and development work. Having served as an Associate Professor of Economics at Wheaton College and Academic Head at Lumina College, she has spent over a decade teaching and doing research in the field of development. With a PhD in Business Economics from Harvard University and an MA in Biblical Studies from Wheaton College, Dr. Fung is deeply committed to integrating Christian faith and development.

Her work has taken her to various corners of the world. She has studied famine in China, malaria eradication in India, and anti-human trafficking efforts and business-as-mission initiatives in South Asia. She has also supervised projects in countries such as Nicaragua, Peru, Cambodia, and the Philippines, on topics that include microfinance, fair trade, food security, and gender-based violence.

Dr. Fung believes in the importance of empowering marginalised communities and mobilising local churches to serve the poor. Some of her favourite moments in CEDAR include witnessing the transformative and healing power of the Spirit at work in communities torn apart by conflicts. As she serves with the CEDAR team and with CEDAR’s supporters and overseas partners, she hopes to live out God’s call to love our neighbours as ourselves, through the work of humanitarian relief, development, and peacebuilding.

Sharing by Dr. Chan Nim Chung (Chairperson of Board of Directors)

Over 30 years since its founding, CEDAR Fund has witnessed a world increasingly fraught with natural disasters and human calamities, which may leave one feeling disappointed and somewhat powerless. However, our Chief Executives throughout the years have persevered in serving amidst such environment, working diligently alongside colleagues, partners on the frontlines, and churches to bring hope to those in distress.

In the past few years, the rapid changes in Hong Kong and around the world have profoundly impacted us. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, our Chief Executive, Dr. Chan Pui Si, has led the team to persevere in service. While it was difficult to travel overseas during the pandemic, our staff has maintained close communication with our overseas partners and has actively engaged in local projects with Hong Kong churches, caring for our local communities. We are grateful that our supporters give financially and pray for us so we may respond swiftly to worldwide disasters. We also express our gratitude to Pui Si for her dedication to CEDAR over the years, especially for her work in project management.

We are entering a new phase as Pui Si prepares to retire from frontline duties. We are grateful that Dr. Fung Wan Yi Winnie, former member of our Board of Directors of CEDAR Fund, is going to take up the challenging role of Chief Executive on 1 December 2023.

Winnie previously served as Academic Head and Associate Professor of Lumina College and as Associate Professor of Economics at Wheaton College. She holds a PhD in Business Economics from Harvard University and an MA in Biblical Studies from Wheaton College. She is dedicated to the integration of Christian faith and development, and has over a decade of research and teaching experience in poverty alleviation, holistic mission, and development work. The Board of Directors and colleagues trust that she is well-equipped to fill the role of Chief Executive, leading CEDAR to live out God’s call and mission in this fast changing era.

We look forward to our partnership with churches, organisations, and brothers and sisters in these challenging days, that we may walk together and testify to our Lord’s justice and compassion.