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‘SHARE’ 252 – Macedonian Call

Editor’s note: CEDAR’s vision is ‘In Christ we build a just and compassionate world together’. On the way to help the poor, we pay great attention to the Lord’s teaching and guidance. In this issue of SHARE, ‘Focus’ shares the beliefs and standards of how CEDAR starts a project. It also shares how we respond to the Lord’s grace through the ‘Macedonian Call’ of Afghanistan. ‘Back to the Bible’ leads us to care for the poor through the Scriptures of 1 Corinthians. ‘Taking Action’ interviews a ‘Marathon Charity Programme’ participant. She was encouraged by the Lord to try her best to complete the 10km race for the poor. ‘Join Hands Join Hearts’ responds to the teaching in ‘Back to the Bible’, sharing an Afghanistan project mentioned in ‘Focus’ and the children’s ministry financially supported by CEDAR through the ‘Marathon Charity Programme’ this year.