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Human trafficking is a severe problem in Thailand. It is estimated that there are about 610 thousand ‘modern slaves’ in the country. They are often forced to engage in various illegal or unethical work under violence, including child labour, sex slaves, and forced labouring for free to pay off debts. Moreover, there are hundreds of thousands of stateless people in Thailand. Most of them live on the remoted border, where they cannot enjoy the civil rights of education, medical care and social security.

In response to human trafficking, as online sexual exploitation of children (OSEC) has become more and more severe, CEDAR supports a partner to identify at-risk cases online and assist in the investigation of cyber trafficking cases. Besides, we hold Bible studies with the victims at the Boy’s Shelter and provide them with non-formal education. To develop the border areas, we built water conservancy facilities for the ethnic tribes in northern Thailand, encouraging residents to use the small open space next to their houses for farming or breeding pigs or fish, etc., so that they will be self-sufficient.

In addition, the local minority church mobilised the church and community network to advocate the land rights of the indigenous people and explore the relationship and practice of Christian belief in managing natural resources.

Thailand Development Projects