establishment of cedar fund

CEDAR Fund is a non-denominational Christian relief and development organization. It was established in Hong Kong in 1991. The establishment of the organization stems from the tragic situation of a founding member who heard that poor people in Haiti were suffering from severe food shortages, so they made their own mud cake  (made by adding mud, water and salt, kneading them into cakes and then exposing them under the hot sun) to satisfy their hunger. He felt that Christians must fulfill the mission of loving the poor as commanded by the Lord, so he  united with other Christian  to established Cedar Fund.

Video of the establishment of Cedar Fung (Chinese only)

CEdar stands for…

Christian response to poverty, through

  • Education
  • Development
  • Advocacy
  • Relief programmes

Working From Church · Through Church

our vision

In Christ we build a just and compassionate world together.

our mission

To live out the integral mission of the Church in partnership with Christians around the world by:

  • Caring for the poor and disadvantaged people
  • Facilitating the transformation of lives and communities
  • Advocating and practicing social justice