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Category: Lebanon Development Projects

Rayak & Anjar Learning Centres

Project Name Rayak & Anjar Learning Centres Project Location Lebanon Project Natures Children and Youth Development Peace and Reconciliation Project Objectives Provide trauma-informed education for displaced and out-of-school Syrian children. Beneficiaries Syrian children aged 6 to 12 who are unable to access formal education. No. of Beneficiaries Approx. 300 Key Activities Support the operation of two learning centres run by a local church, providing education and services to refugee children: Offer approved foundational Arabic, English, science, and math courses, along with extracurricular activities such as sports, music, or crafts, to prepare them for future enrolment in formal schools. Provide trauma-informed education. Supply school uniforms and hygiene items and distribute healthy snacks every week. Organise summer activities, such as

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