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Bringing Hope to Victims in Syria

Written by: Ken Wong (Communications Officer) On 2 February, Turkey and Syria were rocked by two major earthquakes and multiple aftershocks that killed more than 50,000 people and injured more than 120,000. According to WHO officials, Syria has already been in a deep humanitarian crisis for years due to war and cholera, and the country can in no way deal with the aftermath of earthquakes, whether in the near or mid-term. The earthquakes have wreaked havoc that far exceeded the damage caused by shelling during the civil war. Worse, earthquakes gave no warning. Despite the extreme challenges, towering fears and shattering fatigue, however, CEDAR partners have, by the grace of the Lord, done their utmost to provide for

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Forgotten pain

In the past year, the political situation in the world has undergone some unprecedented changes. Just as we are witnessing the recent war between Russia and Ukraine, many people in other parts of the world also suffer from war and homelessness. Therefore, in addition to serving the immediate needs of the refugees in various places, CEDAR’s partners also assist in community development so that traumatised groups can rebuild their lives. The Myanmar military authority overthrew the democratically elected government on 1 February 2021. After the establishment of the military government, the military was mobilised to suppress opposition demonstrations and to conduct arrests. Al Jazeera, citing a monitoring group, said 1,700 people died as of March this year. The

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Banner photo: Syrian children use electric heaters to keep warm. The ten-year war in Syria has caused nearly 500,000 deaths so far. Over the past ten years, more than half of the country’s population have fled their homes. There are also more than 6 million internal-displaced people who are unable to leave and have to live in refugee camps. Many of them live in crude makeshift tents, and when winter comes, they have to endure the harsh wind every night under such poor condition. Seriously damaged by the war, no one can foresee when peace will emerge in this ancient civilised country, since the war has already caused 80% of the population across the country into poverty. In

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Winter Assistance Brings Warmth to over 10,000 Displaced People in Syria

The conflict in Syria begins its ninth year with no sign of ending at the moment. As global attention drifts away, more than 6.2 million internally displaced people are still struggling to shelter and feed themselves. The most critical time for these refugees is to live through the brisk winter every year. Between December last year and January this year, it was reported that at least 29 children and newborns died, mainly from hypothermia, while fleeing to refugee camp in the eastern region of the country or shortly after arrival [1]. Child in Syria The survival of the harsh winter is yet another challenge on top of the issues of poverty and internal conflicts that have brought immense

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