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The Letter from CEDAR | December 2017

Dear friends of CEDAR,

May peace be with you!

There is a say that Ma On Shan, the place where I live, is a “food desert.” I am not sure how true this claim is, but no doubt, as compared with Jordan where CEDAR’s office is located, Ma On Shan is far behind Jordan in terms of the choices of food. Commuting between the two districts every day, I often find it hard to decide where to go for lunch – there are just too many options.

In development work, we often encounter similar situation. The world has over 7 billion population and close to 770 million of them are struggling for survival with less than HK$15 a day. These people are striving daily in various faces of scarcity and structural injustice. Development workers have come up with different development models, catering various needs. They can surely benefit the poor in effective ways, yet, due to heterogeneity and diversity of these projects, we are often overwhelmed with choices. For organisations with limited resources, like CEDAR, we cannot jump into every opportunity and must choose wisely the ones that could bring the most benefit and transformation to the beneficiaries and communities.

Starting from early 2017, we started formulating ministry strategic directions for each of our focus countries by stages. Phase I covers China and Myanmar – countries that we have put most resources in. The strategic direction for Myanmar had been reviewed by the Board in September. To respond to the country’s political, societal, and economical changes, CEDAR will direct concerted effort to serve the few mostly in-need provinces by working on some key aspects like anti-human trafficking, peace and reconciliation, slum community’s development. As for China, the strategy proposal will be presented to the Board in December. I look forward to sharing more details with you in my next letter.

These strategic directions are critical guide for us in the selection of projects, helping us to be good stewards and providing appropriate and effective help to poverty-stricken communities. Nonetheless, your financial support is also a key to accomplish this, because even we have the best strategy, but without sufficient resources, we can do nothing.

Hence, we are incredibly grateful for your support and prayers over the year! Please learn more about our work by reading the attached 2016-2017 Annual Report. In the midst of fluctuating economy, we urge you to remember us continually in your prayers and support us financially! If you have any questions about our work or the Report, please feel free to contact me.

With Christmas and New Year almost upon us, may our Lord bless you and your house abundantly and, through you, bless many more others in need!

Your co-worker

Raymond Kwong
Chief Executive