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Humanitarian Relief and Disaster Risk Reduction

Natural disasters are inevitable, and unnatural disasters are helpless. What believers can do is lend a helping hand in times of difficulty and live the gospel.

Whenever a disaster occurs, CEDAR adopts the method of ‘funding first, then fundraising’ – first remit the funds needed for the rescue project to partners in the disaster area so that the victims can receive assistance as soon as possible and simultaneously appeal to believers to contribute. This will prevent the frontline rescue work from being affected by the level of fundraising. If we raise more funds than we have allocated, we can allocate more funds according to the needs of the victims so that more victims can receive practical help.

Since its establishment, CEDAR participated in the rescue of floods in East China in 1991, until recent years of emergency assistance such as floods in South Asia, large-scale wind disasters, earthquakes, wars and famines in various regions. Thanks to the dedication of our loving supporters, we can walk with the victims repeatedly.

Besides disaster relief, we are also implementing disaster prevention and reconstruction work in poor areas vulnerable to disasters to mitigate the impact of disasters on the communities. For example, we help residents form disaster management committees to enhance their awareness of disaster prevention and relief and organise alternative livelihood skills training so that they can still make a living in disasters. We also assist in disaster reconstruction after significant disasters, including providing trauma counselling, building schools and houses, and protecting affected children, so that the victims can start a new life.

Humanitarian Relief and Disaster Risk Reduction Projects

Long-term Assistance to the Conflict-Stricken Poor

We humbly ask you to join the ‘Long-term Assistance to the Conflict-Stricken Poor’ campaign to donate monthly to support the poor who have been affected by wars for a long time so that they can still feel warmth and care from us even when they are suffering. With the help of the projects funded by you, these individuals will be given a chance to start a new chapter in their lives.