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Keeping watch on the unquenchable fires of war

At the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, CEDAR responded immediately and allocated HK$240,000 to support an overseas partner in providing medical assistance to the refugees. CEDAR’s partner arrived at the Polish-Ukrainian border on 1 March 2022 to provide refugees with humanitarian aid, health services and psychological and emotional support. In Poland, our partner also provided support to local families hosting refugees, such as distributing daily necessities to them, setting up information stations in shelters and providing services and financial assistance for Ukrainians who had fled to the area.

On the evening of 1 April, we invited friends who are concerned about this tragedy to join a prayer meeting online via Zoom. In the meeting, we explained the needs of the Ukrainian people, the development of the situation, and how we could help them and respond to their needs. By the Grace of the Lord, nearly 200 people attended the prayer meeting that night.

Over two months into the war, according to United Nations figures on 26 April, at least 2,729 Ukrainian civilians have been killed, 3,111 have been wounded, and more than 7.7 million refugees have fled from Ukraine. Therefore, we will make a second grant of HK$780,000 to support another overseas partner so that they can help the refugees in Slovakia and Poland to get through their present adversity by providing them with food, daily necessities, and temporary housing and financial support. In addition, our partner will provide food, medicine and cash assistance to internally displaced people in Ukraine.

Even though the number of war zones in Ukraine is reducing, the war is still ongoing. With the war-torn country and their homes razed to the ground, it will take the Ukrainian people a long time to rebuild their lives.

May we not forget the needs of others because we are too busy with our own lives. Let us care for the needy through prayer and donation. May the war end soon so that the displaced people can return to their homes and begin their journey of rebuilding their lives.

Banner Photo: © Jana Čavojská