‘Long-term Assistance to the Conflict-stricken Poor’ Donation Campaign

The United Nations has a definition for protracted crises – it refers to situations in which a significant portion of a population is facing hunger, disease and breakdown of their livelihoods which they are unable to overcome over an extended period of time. The UN also indicates that almost all countries with protracted crises would experience prolonged periods of violence.

When people face endless conflicts and wars, survival becomes their primary goal. They may choose to flee their homes: some will become displaced in their own countries, some will escape to other countries and seek asylum elsewhere as refugees. When these individuals flee from their homes, they often have to face different dangerous situations, pay smuggling fees and risk being betrayed by the people smugglers. During the smuggling process, they often have to face harsh environments, starvation, disease and an unknown fate. Even when they finally arrive in a new country, they often cannot obtain local identity credentials and assistance immediately.

The refugee population continues to rise

According to statistics from the United Nations, at least 82.4 million people around the world were forcibly displaced at the end of 2020, including internally displaced persons, asylum seekers and refugees (hereinafter collectively referred to as refugees).

How can we help them?

Although the Bible does not use the word ‘refugees’, it often refers to these people as ‘travellers’ and ‘sojourners’, and they are often listed in the same category as ‘orphans’ and ‘widows’, representing the vulnerable and poor in society. The Lord commanded the Israelites many times to be kind to the foreigners (Zechariah 7:10) and not to oppress them (Malachi 3:5). He also reminded His people that because they had been enslaved and tortured in a foreign land in Egypt and knew the hardships of being foreigners, therefore they should treat the foreigners as their native-born and love them as themselves (Leviticus 19:33-34).

CEDAR provides assistance to the long-suffering war refugees and impoverished groups in the Middle East and Myanmar. In addition to carrying out relief work in times of humanitarian crises, we also carry out community development projects in areas with ongoing conflicts, such as Lebanon and Myanmar, to provide long-term assistance to the poor in these war-torn countries.

Child and adolescent development project in Lebanon
Provide whole-person education to refugees and out-of-school children through the production of satellite TV programmes
Trauma-informed education for Syrian children
Community integral development and refugee resettlement project in Myanmar
Post-War Community integral development project
Community resettlement and reconstruction project in Sadon, Myanmar

We humbly ask you to make a donation to support the poor who have been affected by wars for a long time so that even when they are suffering, they can still feel some warmth and care from us. With the help from the projects funded by you, these individuals will be given a chance to start a new chapter in their lives.

Enough to buy a chicken for our Children’s Home in Myanmar to provide supplemental nutrition for the poor children living there

Enough to provide one month of trauma-informed education for a Syrian refugee child in Lebanon

Enough to fund a lecture on psychological and spiritual care for 40 refugees

Enough to support all general drug expenses for a mobile clinic in Myanmar for one month

Enough to fund a Lebanese TV station to produce a 10-minute educational program for refugee children

Extended Information: Causes of refugee humanitarian crises

Today, the number of displaced people globally is at an all-time high, surpassing the refugee population created by World War II. The causes of the present refugee humanitarian crises are complex and diverse and generally include the following aspects:

Extended Information: Refugees in Myanmar and Lebanon

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