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Unveiling Human Trafficking

Written by Tony Chan (Partnership Development Consultant)

For years, CEDAR has been sharing the issue of human trafficking and has found that many people misunderstand this issue and the victims involved. Let us unveil the dark industry behind human trafficking.

Myth: All victims suffer from sexual exploitation

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The forms of exploitation that victims suffer vary, including sexual exploitation and forced labour. The author knows a survivor who was once sold to religious fanatics as a sacrifice and was thankfully able to escape in the end.

Myth: Only women are sold

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About 40% of victims worldwide are men, which is rising. In addition to labour exploitation, they are often forced into illegal work, and many men are sold into red-light districts for sexual exploitation.

Myth: Traffickers directly kidnap victims

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Although some cases involve victims being kidnapped, it is more common for traffickers to use deception and abduction methods, such as offering fake job opportunities, educational opportunities, or marriage promises to lure victims into the trap.

Myth: Those who are deceived are all greedy or 'got what they deserved.'

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Many victims are not lured into trafficking because of greed. Due to despair, many poor people knowingly take the risk of being sold to take up the various opportunities offered by traffickers, and to fall into the trap of criminals.

Myth: Human trafficking is an isolated incident

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Human trafficking is often associated with organised crime groups that operate globally to profit from it and control the entire trafficking network. Criminals use high-tech methods and complex operating models to make trafficking activities more covert and difficult to crack.

Myth: Victims of human trafficking hate only those who exploit them.

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In an interview, a girl rescued from a brothel expressed that she did not hate those bad people as much. They were just bad people doing bad things. Yet she could not help but hold a grudge against the good people in the world because she was humiliated daily and hoped that someone would rescue her whenever she looked out the window, but no 'good people' showed up…

Hopefully, our understanding of the truth about human trafficking is not only to enrich our knowledge but also to respond to the Lord’s calling. The Lord abhors evil and loves mercy for the victimised. May you join CEDAR in the fight against human trafficking, release those in bondage, capture the evildoers, and uphold justice.