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‘SHARE’ 250 – Quality Education Transforms Lives

Editor’s note: Children are the future pillars of society. Although this statement may sound cliché, this has been the goal of our work. And children are indeed the foundation of all societal progress. By offering children an opportunity to thrive, we enable the emergence of future leaders of good character who are after the heart of our Lord and fulfil His will.

In this issue of SHARE, ‘Focus’ brings us a retrospective glimpse of CEDAR’s recently concluded quality education programme and how it transformed the lives of many impoverished children. While ‘Blessing by Offering ‘has discussed our children’s ministry programme in breadth and depth, ‘Back to the Bible’ has inspired us to rethink how our Lord has envisioned and positioned the vulnerable in our entire community. Finally, ‘Learn a Little More’ highlighted the significance of ‘quality education’ in the big picture of international developments as Sustainable Development Goal 4 of the 17 sustainable goals set out by the United Nations. We hope that this new perspective not only helps you to learn a little more but also helps a little more.