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Children and Youth Development


“It takes ten years nurture a tree, but a hundred years to train a man”, nurturing a child requires a lot of resources and responsibilities. Children not only grow up at home, but also at schools, churches, communities and etc., these places affect a lot on whether children can grow up healthily. In many poor countries, some children do not have parents, teachers, schoolmates and pastors in church. They are regarded as the lowest slave in the society and even as a “goods”. CEDAR meet children in different countries, some are people with AIDs, some are the victims of child marriage, some are refugees, some are children grown up under war.

CEDAR’s work included improving children’s families’ income, providing educational opportunities, enhancing children’s rights, supporting sex education and etc. To change the society, children must have a chance to grow up healthily, so that they can become leaders with good characters and fit God’s will in the future.

Children and Youth Development Projects

Care for Children and Youths in a long run

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