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‘Join Hands Join Hearts’ Donation Campaign

Child sponsorships may be the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they want to help needy children from developing countries. It is not rare to see calls like ‘Sponsor Children in Africa now’ and ‘Save a Child for Only a Few Dollars a Day’ from charities, especially in television ads. In poverty charities, a children’s sponsorship programme is very common since a monthly donation does not only mean a stable gift but also more sustainable and long-lasting benefits to the sponsored children.

Any Child Sponsorship programme in CEDAR?

In CEDAR’s early days, we launched a sponsorship programme in order to encourage monthly donations to African children. After the project, we evaluated the results and reviewed the individual child sponsorship model. We realised such a format tends to limit a donor’s help to the sponsored child while neglecting the needs of his or her family, not to mention that of the poverty-stricken community. Also, if not all the children from the same family or community are supported, only the ‘chosen ones’ can benefit from the sponsorship. The rest, without any help, will feel neglected very likely, reinforcing inequality between both sides. It may also cause jealousy among children, posing a negative impact on the growth of the sponsored children.

Furthermore, we think the sponsorship system will perpetuate negative and long-standing stereotypes about deprived people. For example, ads like ‘Sponsor a Child in Africa’ may easily mislead the public. The majority will naturally assume that, on the one hand, every single African child is poor and helpless; on the other hand, parents from Africa are passively waiting for donations for their children, as if accepting donations from ‘Sponsor a Child in Africa’ is the only way out.

The last thing we want is the misunderstanding of poverty communities by kind-hearted people when we are sending help. Therefore, ever since the project ended, the individual child sponsorship model has no longer been adopted to support children in need.

How does CEDAR actually help children in need?

Following the project sponsoring African children, we still endeavour to support children in adversity in various parts of the world. We strive to help all children at risk, including children suffering from forced marriage; victims of child labour or trafficking; and those who are child refugees or lack education. Assessing the needs of the children’s community, we aim to improve their living environment. With such improvement, effective protection, proper nurturing and healthy growth and development are provided to children. All these changes are to promote the holistic development of children to bring more profound and lasting life transformation for them.

CEDAR’s community development projects assist and equip poor households with training and education. For parents, a livelihood training programme enables them to stand on their own feet, catering for their basic needs such as access to food, medical care and education. For children, education programme empowers them by raising their awareness of children’s rights and human trafficking. In addition, our project in Lebanon supports out-of-school refugee children from Syria by enrolling in preparatory classes so that they can attend regular local schools after graduation.

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Your response

Although CEDAR does not provide the classic monthly sponsorship programmes targeting children in need yet, we wish to gain support from the public. Your little support means a lot to the children. Be part of the ‘Join Hands Join Hearts’ programme now. Your monthly giving will help children have abundant life in God.

Support 12 Myanmar displaced or street children with education materials for informal learning.

Offer scholarships to 2 Thailand trafficking victims, enabling them to attend vocational college for practical training and career development.

Support the expenses of 4 children’s group, empower children to stand against child marriage, child labour and exploitation

Support 2 Bangladesh community-based primary schools (approximately 160 students) with education materials, classroom furniture, Friday School lessons and teachers’ training.

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