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South Asia Floods: the Disaster That Didn’t Make Headlines

Incessant rainfalls in South Asia have triggered massive floods and landslides, destroying farmlands, houses and roads, as well as killing innocent lives. It is estimated that up to 41 million people are affected in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, where over a million people are displaced. Survivors are experiencing food and water shortages, and humanitarian workers fear the outbreak of waterborne diseases.

CEDAR’s Nepali partner, Asal Chhimekee Nepal (A.C.N.) visited some flood-stricken villages last week to evaluate the situation and plan for a relief response. In a small village, community members lived in huts made of straw, and most of the houses were smashed and sandwiched by the flood. All the food they had stored were either swept away or buried in mud. People stayed in a pig shed until the water receded. Rice, clothes and household items were dug out to dry in the sun. Some people have already had fever or fallen ill due to contaminated water and poor hygiene. The team met a mother and son who have had fever for some days, and they only have one medicine to share. A.C.N. staff said besides food aid and shelter assistance, affected communities will also need mosquito nets and health care.

Our partners in Nepal and India have begun to respond to the immediate needs of the affected, including distribution of emergency food aid, hygiene kits, tarpaulins and shelter materials, mosquito nets, and kitchen sets. We are in close contact with our partners in South Asia, and are planning to support their relief efforts.

Some said that this has been the worst floods they have seen in recent years, but it was rarely mentioned in Hong Kong and international news. Little awareness has been directed to support the relief work. We ask that you put the survivors, relief workers and the local governments in your prayers:

  • Pray that God to watch over our partner’s relief response, and keep them and the survivors safe. Pray that relief teams can access remote areas that was hit hard by the floods.
  • Pray for God’s providence of aid materials and funding, so our partners can reach more desperate survivors awaiting help.
  • There is risk of an outbreak of waterborne diseases in flood-affected areas, but many still don’t have access to public health care system. Pray for recovery of road access and healing for the sick.