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Happiness is Caring for Creations

Written by Ness Ma (Communications Officer)

Caring for the created world is a significant and complex issue. We may have lost hope and motivation because of living in the Apocalypse. Nonetheless, our Chief Executive, Dr. Chan Pui Si, shared the encouragement and acknowledgement of her poverty alleviation and environmental protection work in an online talk, ‘Caring for the Created World in the Apocalypse Regardless of Success or Failure’, on 6 January evening.

Pui Si noted that disasters happen every day and around us, and the difference is whether they are in front of us, in the news report, or not even reported. She exemplified the floods and droughts in India last year that anthropogenic climate change certainly plays a part in it. Disasters happen every year, and they worsen, reflecting wealthy countries’ excessive land consumption and the reality that developing countries pay the price.

Yet, while working for poverty alleviation, Pui Si always finds the wisdom of the Bible and new creations. For example, in a development project in Thailand, farmers referenced the Bible’s sabbatical year in their fundamental practice. They planted for six years and let the land rest in the seventh year without fertilisation. Surprisingly, different species of crops could be grown on that land afterwards. Indian communities affected by climate change also had their adaptability. For instance, residents used drink bottles to make life jackets to prevent villagers who could not swim from drowning. Moreover, Indian churches constructed disaster prevention facilities, such as escape routes and road networks, enhancing residents’ awareness of disaster management. Pui Si said, ‘when you are in it, you can see how the world keeps restoring and adapting.’

The participation and change of residents have given hope to Pui Si and have manifested God’s blessing. It was full of encouragement and acknowledgement for her. And she was not alone along the way; she collaborated with individuals, churches and organisations, which was a fantastic combination, as she described.

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China Graduate School of Theology (CGST), Mission to New Arrivals, CEDAR Fund and other organisations are co-organising the second ‘Creation Care and the Gospel Conference: Hong Kong’ at CGST from late September to early October this year. The conference will have keynote speeches, workshops and field visits. Please visit CEDAR Fund’s Facebook page or Instagram account for more information.

A screenshot of the online talk