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Dear Supporters,

This is the last letter I write as the Chief Executive. From the first time I nervously put pen to paper to now bidding farewell to all my friends who care for the poor, I feel reluctant to say goodbye. Over these years, I have experienced how the Lord has used CEDAR, witnessing His marvellous provision and guidance as we fulfil the Integral Mission. All of these have been beyond my capability and expectations, and I truly feel blessed.

Every organisation goes through leadership transitions. In this era, finding suitable talents is a great challenge, but thankfully, the Lord has prepared the right person for us to serve as the new Chief Executive. Therefore, I am filled with confidence and hope that CEDAR’s future will reach its new height.

Poverty alleviation projects are also continuously updated and improved, with beginnings and endings. Each stage is like a ladder that leads towards better and higher goals.

Looking back two or three decades ago, most children’s programmes were implemented in a simple and direct ‘sponsorship’ format. However, after years of learning, child-centred poverty alleviation projects have diversified into various models: in addition to simply providing support for children’s basic needs and education, there are also family-centred, community-led, livelihood development-oriented, policy advocacy-focused, and even integrated approaches. These models are not mutually exclusive and are designed according to local circumstances and needs to provide children with more comprehensive and sustainable educational opportunities. CEDAR has provided support in each of the mentioned models and has noteworthy experience in various fields.

In India, one of our long-standing partners has remained steadfast in its mission to provide education to impoverished children, allowing them to complete their studies and have the opportunity to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. In collaboration with one of our partners in Ethiopia, Africa, we not only ensure children’s educational opportunities but also establish their families’ economic capacity to ensure holistic child development.

CEDAR’s ‘Join Hands Join Hearts’ donation campaign collaborates with partners in various impoverished areas to support children during their growth stage most effectively according to local approaches. This enables the children to learn about Christ and contribute to society in the future.

This year, we have launched a new promotional flyer (Chinese only), hoping to convey to everyone how different the world can be for impoverished children if they lose our support.

We hope that all brothers and sisters who have been committed to child development will continue to support CEDAR’s ‘Join Hands Join Hearts’ campaign, enabling more children in vulnerable and impoverished communities to access education, healthcare, and exposure to the Gospel so that they can experience a new life.

Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’ (Matthew 19:14)

In Christ,

Chan Pui Si
Chief Executive