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Rayak & Anjar Learning Centres

Project Name

Rayak & Anjar Learning Centres

Project Location


Project Natures
  • Children and Youth Development
  • Peace and Reconciliation
Project Objectives

Provide trauma-informed education for displaced and out-of-school Syrian children.


Syrian children aged 6 to 12 who are unable to access formal education.

No. of Beneficiaries

Approx. 300

Key Activities

Support the operation of two learning centres run by a local church, providing education and services to refugee children:

  • Offer approved foundational Arabic, English, science, and math courses, along with extracurricular activities such as sports, music, or crafts, to prepare them for future enrolment in formal schools.
  • Provide trauma-informed education.
  • Supply school uniforms and hygiene items and distribute healthy snacks every week.
  • Organise summer activities, such as games, songs, and dances.
Project Period

Sept 2021 to Aug 2024


Approx. HK$628,000

Impact Story

‘I really love coming to the education centre. I feel very happy when I’m there and don’t want to miss a day of learning.’ Bayane, a Syrian refugee child living in Lebanon, shared the joy of learning, even though she has not been receiving formal education.

In Lebanon, 90% of Syrian refugee families live in extreme poverty. To survive, families have to make ends meet by cutting back on essentials or pulling their children out of school, forcing the children to work long hours each day to support the household. Lebanon has faced multiple crises in recent years, including the devastating Beirut port explosion, the impact of COVID-19, and internal political and economic turmoil. Last year, international humanitarian organisations estimated that 1.2 million children nationwide were out of school, with impoverished children potentially never being able to return to the classrooms.

For years, the partner organisation Middle East Revive and Thrive (MERATH) has collaborated with local evangelical churches to provide food, livelihood development, and educational support to Syrian refugees. Since 2019, with support from the organisation, MERATH has been operating two educational centres (referred to as centres) in the Bekaa region, which has the lowest enrolment rates in the country. These centres offer approved foundational Arabic, English, science, and math courses and extracurricular activities such as sports, music, or crafts to pave the way for refugee children’s future enrolment in formal schools. The centres serve as places of knowledge transfer and safe spaces where children can recover from their traumatic experiences through trauma-informed education. Centre staff witness the improvement in children’s personal character and peer relationships, as many children find their best friends at the centre and learn to support and love their classmates. The healthy growth of these children is the greatest gift amidst their parents’ challenging circumstances.

Bayane, from Rayak, Syria, cherishes every opportunity for education, just like over 400 other benefiting students. Last year, Lebanon implemented a lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in the closure of the centres for several months. During this time, Bayane was disappointed and cried. However, the centre’s teachers quickly adapted by shifting classes online and utilising mobile communication apps to send instructional videos, voice notes, and other teaching materials to each student’s family. Some teachers even received immediate training to incorporate games into distance learning. We were delighted to see the effectiveness of our partner’s response, allowing students to continue learning during the shutdown.

At the time of writing, the centre has resumed in-person classes. As the only literate person in her family, Bayane has become a great help in handling documents and other complex tasks at home. No wonder her grandfather expressed his gratitude, saying, ‘Thank God we have her! We hope she learns even more things on her journey of growth!’


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Through the service of the Arab World Church, we witness the glory of the Lord, the restoration of people, and the rebuilding of communities.

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