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‘SHARE’ 247 – The AES Girls We Encountered in Nepal

Editor’s Note

At the end of November just past, CEDAR’s staff members went to Nepal to visit several partners. During the trip, apart from showing our care for our partners, we also monitored the progress of the projects, hoping that the projects would have better results. In ‘Focus’ of this issue, is the sharing from our staff about the new project ‘Prevention of Trafficking and Exploitation of Women and Girls in the Adult Entertainment Sector‘ in Nepal and the situation of the beneficiaries. In ‘Back to the Bible’, we can think about the relationship between climate change and developing countries and how we in rich areas can lend a helping hand from the Book of Jeremiah. In ‘Learn a little More’, Shreya, a Nepalese teenager, tells us how families in that country suffer from climate change. Natural disasters and poverty have caused people in many developing countries, such as Nepal, to suffer, and children are a more vulnerable group. Therefore, this year CEDAR’s ‘Red Packet Campaign’ uses the theme of ‘Children Living in Disasters’ to call on everyone to care for and help them.