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Dear supporters,

Year 2021 has gone, but we are still living under the influence of COVID-19. Life in the pandemic hasn’t yet changed. Additionally, the world is still very volatile in economy, society, and governance. We ought to keep changing our mentality to face daily challenges at different degrees, so that we can live positively with people around.

One of my family members passed away last year. I understand how helpless and painful families could be when they can’t stay with and care for their loved ones in quarantine. By the time of writing this letter, over 5.2 million people died of COVID-19. We can imagine the enormous pain and regret their families are bearing. The COVID-19 tragedy also reminds us to work harder in our ministries, especially with partners in those poor countries, that we have to support them to do a better job in infection prevention and control in communities, so that their already fragile situation won’t be worsened by illness.

Looking back to the path that CEDAR Fund had walked in the past year, we successfully held the 30th Anniversary Thanksgiving Sharing Night and the Peacebuilding Symposium under the pandemic. In the events, there were friends who have supported us for many years. Every one of them is an encouragement to our entire team. And of course, we are grateful for the Lord’s protection, that He is the One accomplishing all these great things. Regarding overseas projects, the most impressive ones must be our projects on humanitarian crises in Myanmar and Afghanistan, as well as the pandemic disaster in India. We had to keep contacting our partners to concern about their safety and health. At the same time, we had to plan for relief work, pray for them, and care for their personal and families’ spirituality. We hope that these countries will overcome these challenges soon and rebuild the communities that residents could live out the hope and peace in Christ. (For details of our work in 2020/2021, please refer to the Annual Report)

Lunar New Year is coming and we invite you to share your blessings with our neighbours in those economically deprived countries – especially children in poverty and difficulties. Our theme of ‘Red Packet Campaign’ this year is ‘Happy Children on the Battlefield’. It’s hard to see any results in children and youth development ministry in just two to three years of time in poor countries, especially those full of conflicts, such as Lebanon and Myanmar. Many children are suffering from trauma at varied degrees, needing our long-term follow-up and care. A provision of safe and loving environment is essential for their growth and development. Moreover, children knowing God’s Word and obtaining psychological and mental wellness are crucial for their holistic recovery so that they will be the hope and light of their communities in the future. These beliefs are upheld by CEDAR Fund and our partners.

We hereby encourage you to support our children and youth development ministry in the long run by taking part in our ‘Red Packet Campaign’ , or ‘Join Hands Join Hearts’ Donation Campaign. We hope that every child is protected, and we thank you for your company.

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

Proverbs 22:6

In Christ,

Chan Pui Si
Chief Executive