The Syrian War began in 2011 and has resulted in the death or injury of hundreds of thousands of civilians. Over half of the country’s total population has been displaced. As in the previous year, Syrians have been facing sharp macroeconomic deterioration that has resulted in currency depreciation, hyperinflation, and mass unemployment. Most displaced and refugees continue to live in substandard, damaged and/or inadequate shelter conditions that provide little protection against the harsh winter weather and put lives at grave risk. Compounded by the impacts of devastating earthquakes that hit southern Turkey and northwestern Syria, many others have been newly displaced across the affected regions in Syria, with the death toll continuing to rise.   

We have been providing emergency earthquake relief in the northwestern governorates of Syria to meet the displaced population’s urgent needs for food and hygiene. In addition, as in the past few years, CEDAR continues our commitment to work through our partner in providing winterisation support, including blankets, boots, jackets, and hats, to needy families. In total, around 27,000 people will benefit through the winter.

Syria Emergency Relief